Elevation Fitness class descriptions


If you want to get your sweat on and your heart rate up, this is the class for you! You’ll do 8 round increments of 20 seconds of maximum effort work with 10 seconds of recovery to boost your metabolism and burn fat. We’ll throw in some extra challenges to keep you guessing each class.


Get your sweat on with this intense high energy class that combines conditioning, plyometrics and strength training to burn fat and get you in great shape fast.


Hate “cardio”? This is not your average treadmill session! This class will challenge your anaerobic system with sprints, hills, and even strength moves, with lots of modification for all levels of fitness.


This class combines classic strength movements with gentle stretching to increase mobility and range of motion and improve posture.


Strong is the new skinny! Take a break from cardio with this full body workout focusing solely on developing muscular strength and shape using various types of weights. Suitable for all fitness levels.


This class is trainer’s choice and all cardio! You’ll find yourself on the bike, the treadmill, the elliptical and more in this fast paced ever changing class.


We’ve got all the bases covered in this interval style class. Get ready to be challenged with resistance, core and cardio circuit stations that focus on the entire body.


This class delivers quick results with a combination of aerobics, kickboxing, boxing and core training. Instructors will take you through a series of drills and punching and kicking combinations that will help you burn an incredible amount of calories, while toning & having fun.


Your clothes will stay on during this body weight only class but they will get sweaty! Think plyometrics, balancing drills, and basic calisthenics to get you sculpted and ripped, no equipment necessary.
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