• Maximize Fat Burning

  • Speed up your metabolism

  • Sculpt your body

  • Efficient design maximum results in shortest period

  • Get the lean body you’ve always wanted!

  • Nutrition program/guide included!

Is it easy? NO! But if you are willing to work hard for 30-45 minutes 3 times a week for 8 weeks and want results, this is for you!

How does it work?

Each work out have 2 components:

Maximum Tension:

This is where we focus on building the underlying shape and fullness of the muscle giving you the desired curves and contours in all the right places. We do this by manipulating the amount of time the muscles spend under tension. By doing this we incorporate a higher number of muscle fibres and activate more type 2 fibres resulting in fewer sets required to produce the same results.People make the mistake of assuming that multiple easy efforts can equal one hard effort.

Maximum Metabolic:

The 2nd part of every workout routine is focused on metabolic resistance training designed to burn fat and give overall definition to the specific muscles being worked in that training.That means you will be working the cardio vascular system and getting the fat-burning and heart-healthy benefits of intense cardio along with the muscle-toning and shaping properties of a resistance training workout.

Because you will be doing this part of the training with little to no rest in between exercises, you will be forcing your body into what’s called an ‘oxygen debt’. This is also known as the AFTERBURN effect and is extremely effective because it triggers a cascade of fat burning hormones

The Afterburn Effect is a measure of the energy that is needed in order to return your body to its normal resting state after a workout and has been shown to burn MORE calories up to 36 post workout.

Hence, the HIGHER the intensity, the longer it takes for your body to reach its normal resting state, the more calories you burn.

WHEN: Monday/Wednesday/Friday 9am or 6pm*

*You may do either time or vary between morning and evening Potential lunch time sessions and other spots available as well.

PROGRAM is 8 weeks for members and non-members of Elevation Fitness

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